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    Adobe Draw Streamline Function


      Hi all,


      I've recently just purchased the IPAD PRO 12.9 and have downloaded Pro-create and Adobe draw.


      So in Pro-create there is a brush/pen function known as  "streamline" that helps to guide you with whatever you are creating.


      Is there any way of getting this function is adobe draw?



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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          There is a feature (with even more flexibility) in Adobe Illustrator CC.   In Illustrator Draw, the feature for smoothing is baked in.  There isn't any additional control over the behavior of the curve as you're drawing.


          You can change the way a brush performs based on the speed at which the stroke is applied.

          - Open the properties of a single brush, at the bottom, you will see additional options for control.


          It isn't quite the same as Streamline, as it still holds you accountable for your own strokes, rather than simplifying them for you.


          [Adobe Illustrator CC]

          Check out the Curvature tool. 

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            BobbyH5280 Level 3

            Couldn't we have an option for how much smoothing is being applied to a brush? Not everyone uses the same methods for drawing. I personally don't lay down strokes very fast. I shouldn't have to draw a line at a certain fast speed to get a certain predetermined amount of smoothing applied to my strokes. I'm pretty good at drawing and painting, but it's not the easiest thing to do great line work using an Apple Pencil on a glass iPad Pro screen. Procreate has a lot of really cool properties that can be applied to brushes, with Streamline being just one of them. Illustrator Draw has only a few variables that can be adjusted. The customization available is very basic compared to what can be done Procreate. Many users are building up their own custom-made brushes and brush pre-sets and sharing them with other Procreate users.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              HI Bobby.


              Unfortunately, I don't know what the plans are for for adding additional stroke smoothing capabilities in Draw.


              I'm sorry I don't know whether this is something that's being considered or discussed by the product team, but I'll share your comments with the Draw team.


              Thanks for taking the time to post.



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                BobbyH5280 Level 3

                I appreciate you sharing my comments with the Illustrator Draw team. I think the possibility is there for Illustrator Draw to do many things one can do in Procreate, yet maintain the artwork as scalable vector paths. That's one of the big drawbacks with Procreate. The artwork produced is all raster-based. And the size of the document can be limited by iPad hardware; a base model iPad has smaller max document sizes than a 512GB iPad Pro.


                I do sign design work for a living. I can create some great looking custom lettering, custom scripts, calligraphy and all sorts of other artwork within Procreate. But if I want to take that artwork to a vinyl cutter or computerized routing table to cut aluminum parts I have to convert all that custom drawn artwork into vector format. I dislike auto-tracing functions for such tasks since any glitches or rough edges would be greatly magnified on sign parts. The paths I make have to be clean. It would be great to be able to do the same kind of hand drawing/painting work that can be done in Procreate over in Illustrator Draw and be able to cut out that time consuming vector conversion step.

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hi Bobby.


                  Thank you for this additional information; it's always really helpful when there's a story behind the request.


                  I'll make sure the Draw team sees it.