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    My CS5 v12.0 stopped opening my raw files


      I have been using the same computer and software for years and just returned from a photo trek to find that I can no longer open my NEF files.

        I use a Nikon D800e.

      Now when I tried to install the ACR 6.7 it fails to run.

         Errror loading Updater workflow


      Tried to run from inside CS5 and from the unzipped ACR folder. Both fail.

      What is even more odd is that the version of ACR listed in my CS5 is 6.0.

      That is just not true or it was rolled back without my knowing.

      I have good notes on my installation and that I had ACR6.7 installed.


      From reading it looks like I never opened one of my NEF as the ACR camera list says I need ACR7.1. This is not true and I was opening NEFs.


      Does anyone understand what happened on my computer or have a suggestion?

      Happy Trails