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    Flash Player - Audio Issues

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      In Flash Player 27, we added support for user configurable audio output selection via Flash Player's settings dialog (see our release notes for additional details).  Unfortunately, this feature has caused adverse side effects for some customers that we did not encounter in our internal testing.  To resolve this as quickly as possible we are taking the following steps:


      1. In our next release, scheduled for October 10th, we will roll back the user configurable audio selection to Flash Player 26 levels.  This change should immediately resolve the problem that some customers have encountered with multiple audio devices on their system.
      2. Developers that are utilizing our new AudioDeviceManager API's can continue to do so, but any changes made will be local to the SWF being run and will be lost when the Flash process ends.  It will be up to the developer to remember and restore the user settings (if applicable).
      3. We will release a beta build of Flash player in the coming days for users to test these changes against.  Beta releases can be found on labs.adobe.com.  An update to this thread will be made when the beta is available.
      4. We will revisit this feature and determine what steps need to be taken to fully correct the behavior before rereleasing it in a future build.


      We thank you for your assistance and patience while we address this issue.