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    When I use 'share online' function, I would like to re-attach my project to the previous one.




      As the title says, I would like it to be able to re-attach to the previous project.

      Last time, I click 'share again' button from 'share online' and 'new link' came up right after. I wanted to 'update link', but I accidentally clicked 'new link' button.

      Done is done, but I couldn't find the option that I can link back to my previous project.

      The reason why I want to go back is because I made all the comments on my previous project (for UX design to explain to developers).

      Therefore, I want to keep using the previous one rather than create 'new link.'


      I really like this application because I use this as mock up tool and also as UX design planner. It saves a lot of time shrinking two processes into one.

      It would be great if the 'share online' function can also be able to re-attach to the previous project.

      Let me hear what you guys think.