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    How to create/add new chapters within a book?


      I am trying to generate a new book and create some new chapters in it, add old chapters to it, change component types, etc. Is there a method to create a new chapter in a book and can we use the same method to add old chapters to a new book? I tried creating a new object of the BookComponent class and manipulating its properties but it does not have a constructor.

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          I think the method you want is on a Book object. It is called NewSeriesBookComponent. Here is a function that takes a Book object and an Array of absolute file names and adds each component in the Array to the book. Hopefully, this will get you started.


          function addFilesToBook (book, filesArray) {
              var i = 0, count = filesArray.length, bookComp;
              for (i = 0; i < count; i += 1) {
                  bookComp = book.NewSeriesBookComponent (0);
                  if (bookComp.NextComponentInBook.ObjectValid()) {
                      bookComp.NextComponentInBook = 0;
                  bookComp.Name = filesArray[i].path;