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    RH takes forever to move a folder ??

    Teri White
      We need to reorganize a large project. When I drag/drop a folder in the Topic Manager that has both html files and images it takes RH up to 45 minutes to complete the task. For 15 files and maybe 25 images! The .cpd file is small so I don't think that's the problem. I've tried dragging the folder under the Images heading instead of HTML to see if that was any better...no luck.

      If I manually move the topics one by one instead of the folder and then move the images with Windows Explorer and update the image paths in RH - they all look fine, but when I save...RH takes a long walk.

      There are a lot of images...moving them one by one in the Topic Manager is very tedious.

      I have 20 folders to move and many have lots of images. What am I doing wrong that RH needs to think about this so much? Seriously...this is nuts!