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    Control captions with checkbox

    bryan.gough Level 1

      I have several pre-comps with dedicated text layers transcribing the audio voiceover (think open-captions).

      I will be rendering various versions of this video, some with captions ON and some with them OFF, different arrangements of included/excluded pre-comps (chapters)... and I'm looking for a quick way to turn all caption layers on/off.


      Rather than go in to each pre-comp and toggle opacity... I would like to:


      1. Add a checkbox controller to a NULL object in my main composition. 
      2. Toggle the opacity for all the text/caption layers in the pre-comps by clicking in the box.


      I'm an extreme expression novice, but I've played around with some of the not-quite-so-fitting examples I've found online. But I only ever get the "This project contains an expression error..." warning.