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    Occassionally reoccuring error from Illustrator 1346458189 ('PARM')


      an Illustrator error occurred: 1346458189 ('PARM')


      I have been developing a c# application that uses the Illustrator Interop library, occasionally my application will starting throwing the above error.  It doesn't seem to be caused by the code because I can restart Illustrator and then the code starts working again. Has anyone found a cause for this error?

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          Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

          Sometimes it's related to batch processing and using document.close() command. Other times it can be something completely different. The immediate cause is usually an Illustrator scripting object referencing an art shape or constituent of a document which suddenly has corrupted properties. Using ESTK, you can see in Data Browser when debugging jsx scripts, that the properties are already set with "An internal error occurred". So beware if you are doing batch processing with the document repeatedly being closed.

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            et3d_ Level 1

            I have the exact same issue on CC17 (described by Silly-V, when making a script that batch save or force close it usually saves half of it... pretty serious issue if you are not warned about it


            Furthermore this has happened twice because of a heavy ActionScript (no js here). I suspect the script and the pdf to be corrupted in a way.... Since then the only option is to reinstall Ai. I was first expecting leaking global var, so I am using "use srtict" now.



            When "bugmode" is enabled common issue are


            • Save and close don't work in Ai: it may save but document reoppen stright away
            • Save and close works 50% in JS
            • Saving in JS is taking random little extra time and change tabs multiple times
            • Severe issues during loops: Parms pops up way more often. Restart usually solves this.
            • Severe issues during loops making random rare errors (~3%)


            100% working solution was to reinstall Ai and ESTK. (worked 2 times)

            1. Question: Do you need UAC right for windows in order to reinstall using Creative Cloud window?


            EDIT: apparently Ai do requires Admin right to be reinstalled

                 ESTK doesn't

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              Rich.D Level 1

              No close() call causing the error, there is a lot of looping through collections.

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                et3d_ Level 1

                In my case close() is used to save files, moreover the documents are synced with my variable i for loops.
                but because of this terrible bug, when saved=false, the closing of the file reoppen it, desyncing documents with i. That's why it cause a 50% failure : the document stays opened 2 times in a whole loop


                The solution (either Ai bugs or not) is to use something like this: (still wip)

                ((I am not an admin to reinstall I have to live with it until maintenance))


                function main(){
                    var doc =app.activeDocument;
                    doc.saveAs ( File ( doc.fullName.replace ( /\.ait?$/i, "")+".pdf" ) );