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    Laptop to Desktop sync


      I run Lightroom Desktop on my iMac and on my MacBook Pro. I don't have an iPad. I sync the catalog from my iMac to my phone via CC and Lightroom Mobile. I want to import pix into my MacBook Pro's Lightroom Desktop when I travel and sync them to Lightroom Desktop on my iMac but I don't want to wait till I get home to import the MacBook Pro catalog into the iMac catalog. I would like to edit on the road and already have the edits in my iMac catalog when i get home. I don't see that there's a Lightroom Mobile app for MacBook Pro. Please don't tell me to export the pix to Photos and back to Lightroom or to buy an iPad. Is there any other way to have the iMac and the MacBook Pro sync to the same CC catalog?