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    Reset Text FIeld when Date is changed

    rakeshk21205956 Level 1



      I am making a form in Adobe Acrobat Pro  in which i want to reset a Text Field to value 1 whenever the Date is changed.


      I have two Text Field  :  


      Text1 = Date field this field auto-populates the current date when the file is opened


      Text2 - this field has to be reset to "1"  every time the date is changed.


      Like if the form is opened today  eg. 23/09/2017 ... i can enter any number in Text2 and save it................. but if the file is opened next day..... Text2 should be reset to 1 then on 24/09/2017 i can enter any number in text2  and save it..... but when again on 25/09/2017 if i open the file text 2 should be reset to "1".


      Thanks in advance.