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    Issue with Raw files


      I've been having some issues with opening raw files. The first image is a screenshot from the bridge preview, and the second is immediately after I open the file in adobe raw. When I open the file via any other application the image looks normal but as you can when i open the file in camera raw it produces the gross image below. I've updated my camera raw plugin and reinstalled Photoshop and have encountered the same issue. Any help is appreciated thank you

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Most application can not open a RAW file RAW data its not an RGB image. Many program will open the smaller preview jpeg image that in embedded in your raw file.  You need to identify exactly what you are using.  You could well be comparing Apple and Oranges.  With what you posted I can not tell even what scale you looking at in Bridge and what scale you looking at in ACR. The images you posted and we have no idea as to how you have your ACR defaults set for your camera.  The image will look different.


          I use two or three displays here is what  I see.


          ACR on a 4K display


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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This look is immediately recognizable as shadow clipping - and a lot of it. Ease up on the Blacks slider.


            You're supposed to use the sliders in ACR, not just accept the default rendering. The Bridge preview and any other app is the embedded jpeg preview produced by the camera (not the raw data). It probably has some shadow recovery built-in.


            ACR doesn't provide any such "help". You're on your own to produce your version.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Apples and Oranges.... they do look different....

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                I have the same problem. Pictures shooted with Canon 77D.

                Look at the t-shirt:

                The real color is the right one, opened as preview in Bridge.

                The left one is the same RAW file opened in ACR (it seems orange with color profile sRGB, it becames closer to fucsia with AdobeRGB color profile) but in any case it will be different from the one when saving in JPEG.

                Moreover, every RAW in preview mode, seems very bad visualized.

                It does not depend from monitors or computer. Same issue with different PC.



                Similar problem with this photo: very bad render of color

                Screenshot (2).png


                someone could help me?

                maybe an issue with supported camera model in Adobe? But I have last release and seems Canon 77D is supported!

                maybe an issue with Windows coded ? This could be since no preview available in explorer...




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                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Those cyan whites is a bug, clearly identified as such several months ago and I don't know why it's still there.


                  Apparently it only happens if you set ACR Workflow Options to open as sRGB. If you change it to Adobe RGB this particular problem should go away.


                  That said, ACR makes no effort to mimic the camera-processed jpeg and associated thumbnails. That's just the manufacturer's interpretation and no more "correct" than anything else. There's no such thing as "correct" color with a raw file.


                  Saving as jpeg doesn't change anything. But viewing the exported file in an application without color management does.You cannot make any judgements in a viewer like, say, Windows Photos. It will be wrong and unreliable, because it doesn't take your particular display's characteristics into account. It will never match Photoshop/ACR.

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    DaniGuasta  wrote


                    This could be since no preview available in explorer...


                    If you want a Preview of RAW files in windows File explorer you need to install a codec to generate those thumbnail.  When they are generated I would expect that they would be generated using the Jpeg image embedded in the RAW file.  Not by converting the RAW data into and RGB image.  I install Fastpictureviewer Codec pack to generate thumbnails for PSD file and RAW files in windows file dialogs and windows file explorer.   You need to realize the preview you see Is not the same image that your RAW converted is displaying.  The preview you see is most likely a JPEG conversion generated in  your camera.  That jpeg image is not used by your RAW converted it uses your Cameras  sensors raw data and converts it into an RGB image a completely different image then the preview image and how the initial conversion is done depends  on many things.  What converter is used what its default settings are for your different cameras what you workflow settings are,  The conversion may be in any color space and be 8 ot 16 bit color depth.  They are different images not one and the same image they are different raw conversions of your cameras sensors raw data.   The Jpeg most like is in the sRGB or AdobeRGB color space and Jpeg only supports 8bit color.  You Raw converter RGB image mag be in the ProPhotoRGB color space and have 16bit colors.  The images you see are not the same image.


                    I use Windows 10 this is what I see in Windows File explorer


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