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    Clean OSX install - El Cap 10.11.6 - CS6 Photoshop only ?

    lanstrad Level 1

      I just clean installed OSX 10.11.6 (moving from 10.8.5 on my machine, but everything clean-install on the SSD).


      Now I am reading good, neutral and bad stories about Adobe CS6 on El Capitan, program patches that may or may not solve, system crashes and so on.  That takes me to the idea of just reinstalling Photoshop CS6, as I almost no longer use Premiere or other Adobe products in that suite...


      Assuming this is feasible (when launching the install for CS 6 ?), what is the status now - are users under El Capitan (latest version) still have issues with that version of Photoshop ? (I don't want to go to the subscription for occasional use only, so I'll rather look for an alternative option to PS).