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    SWF on android browsers

    photogyulai Level 1

      Hey Guys!
      I have some swf material on da net. And i started to check it how it looks on android web browsers.


      It turned out it doesnt look anyway at all becouse it did show up... just the regular text instead of the swf: "this movie requiresFlash Player xy"



      the goal is not, to make it work on my phone

      THE GOAL IS : how to export/publish from .fla to appear as it should be?!  On ~every android browser


      I tested on HTC android phone - Opera and Maxthon browsers

      Publish settings: Target flash player 12

                                Script: Action Script 3.0


      Is this possible?

      What to do?!?


      I checked the forum but didnt find answer.

      Thank You

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Android OS did used to have Flash Player in it, but not for a while. It's still possible to manually install it, I think:


          Manually install Flash Player on Android devices


          That would only solve it for your phone, you might not want your users to all have to go through that. So, the other solution is to open the FLA in Adobe Animate, and do a convert to HTML5 Canvas. Any code will be commented out, and you would need to rewrite that code in JavaScript. If it's just animation most things should work right away, and the you put it online it would work for all browsers in all Android and iOS devices. The performance might vary a bit.

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            photogyulai Level 1

            thanks Colin!


            yes i tried to put it to canvas... but a simple animation was unusable in many ways.

            That is why >>

            I was the one who put this topic here: Animate CC / Canvas >> is this kind of a prealpha state software?!


            You had put some comment there also! :-)

            Thanks anyway...


            If anybody had another ideas?! :-)

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              rayek.elfin Level 4

              Your best and only option is to publish your Flash content to an APK (Android app). To do this, use Adobe Air. Download FlashDevelop, download Air, and use the mobile template (create a new project). Read the "Air_Android_readme.txt" file for instructions how to build your app and test it on your device (needs the air runtime).


              Not very convenient, and users will have to install your app. You could either provide the APK on your website (not so great) or publish to the Android store (better).


              There is no other alternative to publish FLA content to Android/iOS I am afraid (outside the canvas export).

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                photogyulai Level 1

                thank you!


                in some cases the .apk is not a solution. for us it isnt plausible.


                it is so pitty in 2017 there are no easy and automatic way to do this...


                swf is still the most popular format on the net...


                its so unbelivable