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    I canceled my membership and adobe just charged me another month


      When I canceled my account a few weeks ago I talked to a person on their chat and they offered me a free month if I would continue my membership. I told them i was NOT interested and that I would like to cancel and they said OK.  I then received a charge on my account from Adobe a few days ago and needless to say my account is still active.


      To resolve this issue I reached out over chat because they are not available by phone on weekends. When they reached out in chat they asked if I was still there and then after i responded to them they said they had heard no response and closed the ticket. Turns out they limit you to only one ticket per x number of hours so now I am forced to wait even longer to deal with this issue.  This customer service is terrible and Adobe truly makes you feel like a little fish in a big pond and that you don't matter.