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    dont know how to do this

    gaurav_ch Level 1
      hi all,
      please forgive me in advance if i am not able to tell the prolem correctly but here goes.
      i am developing a flash application. what i am facing is that :

      movieclip1 has a button.
      movieclip2 shows over movieclip1 and i am able to click the button of movieclip1 lying underneath movieclip2 completely hidden.

      i want a solution for this problem as the user is able to click the button of movieclip1 through movieclip2. both movies are square in shape and have solid colours.

      if i need to disable movieclip1 when movieclip2 comes into view through actionscript , then what is the code for disabling all the movieclips at one time while not disabling the main concerned movieclip as there are more movieclips on the stage which are shown as needed.

      i will be grateful to you if you can help me out.


      gaurav chandra