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    Photoshop Soft Brush Banding




      I have done quite a bit of research with no such luck.  I am getting banding when using soft brushes on my work.  I have Photoshop elements 9 (yes its a little old), but I have not experienced this before.  My latest project was to make a space scene.  I used the following tutorial:  Photoshop Tutorial: How to Quickly Create Stars, Planets and Faraway Galaxies - YouTube When I got to adding the nebulae and gas, this is what I got:


      BoardGameMap copy.jpg


      The soft brush exhibits a lot of banding.  When just performing the brushstroke in one place.


      Untitled-1 copy.jpg


      I have a samsung 4k monitor and I have not done anything special with them or my graphics card.  Is there a setting in photoshop, or on my computer to calibrate properly?


      Thank you, Michael

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          Banding is an inherent limitation of working in low bit-depths. Simple computer math. Switch to 16bit or higher. Also  brushes only containing very few discrete levels of transparency will of course exacerbate the issue - squeezing a limited number of levels into an even smaller range by reducing the brush opacity naturally doesn't leave much room for smooth gradations. So in the end, it's always a combination of multiple factors and you have to learn and understand these things. With experience you'll manage to avoid those pitfalls by using bvalnaced settings.



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