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    AE crashes when working on project involving Cineware proxy

    gomerpyle3333 Level 1

      I'm using a plugin called Cineware Proxy, which is a way to pre-render Cineware files in AE for smooth playback of Cinema 4D layers.  Almost invariably, AE crashes once the proxy render is complete.  It will be fine until I try to play back the rendered Cinema layer, and then I'll get an error message followed by a crash.  I'll post the screenshot of what I'm seeing.  When I try to open up a file involving Cineware proxy, I get this error called "33:4 data missing."  I have no idea what's causing this.  I'm working on a MacBook Pro 15", OS X Sierra, and AE 17.2.  I'm just having a lot of trouble with this, and it's made work impossible. Would anyone know how to fix this?



      Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 9.56.20 AM.png