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    PC setup & upgrade suggestions for 4K projects in AE?

    Stoyanov Level 1

      Hi all,


      May I have your suggestions about my next upgrades, RAID setup and some GPU related questions?


      Working here for about 5 years with almost the same hardware with some slight upgrades in time and only using CS6 for this period.

      Currently running the PC configuration below with a fresh install of Win10 and the latest Adobe CC apps:

      Mainboard: Asus P9X79 Deluxe

      CPU: i7 3820 3.6 GHz

      RAM: 32GB installed (4x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDRr3 1600mhz). (Latest BIOS update can expand to 128 GB (8x16GB)!

      Videocard: Nvidia Quadro K5000 (I have a second one K5000 but not installed yet)

      SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB  /System/

      SSD: Kingston HyperX 120GB

      HDD: 3x WesternDigital 1TB (RaidEdition2 SATA 3.0Gb 7200rpm) no RAID enabled

      HDD: 2x WesternDigital 2TB (CavairBlack 6.0 Gb 7200rpm) no RAID enabled

      Monitors: 2xAsus ProArt 27" 1980x1200

      Power: 800W Cooler Master Gold


      So I have a lot of considerations, I still think I can use a lot of the available parts even if I change some of them or add some, PCIe RAID controller maybe. If you were in my place which of the following will be the best to prioritize and set first and second:


      1. Combine the Hard disks in RAID using the mainboard chip?

      - Thinking of creating raid0 from the 3 x1TB drives using the X979 chip (can use the 3.0Gb ports)

      - One more raid0 from the 2x2TB drives using the additional Marvel raid chip on mainboard (6.0Gb ports)

      - SSD: Kingston HyperX 120GB - for the Sys pagefile + AE media cache here maybe? (uses 6.0Gb port)

      - SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB  /System/ - OS & Programs (uses 6.0Gb port)

      Not sure in this case where will be the best to store projects and media files I work with for that projects and where to export.

      2 more slots are available in my PC where I can place моrе HDD. Backups I make on external disks through USB3 but this is not very often.

      Or you may have a suggestion for some not much expensive PCIe raid controller?


      2. Videocard - I read some posts in this forum about changes in GPU usage from previous AE versions. Do I gain performance if I add the second Quadro K5000 (except for 3D raytrace only). If yes, is SLI mode needed, or to plug in another PCIe slot without SLI? Any suggestions on settings?


      3. Monitor:  Addind a 3rd 4K screen? If you read above I have 2x1980x1200, so maybe I need one more for previews in 4K resolution. I am looking to add an another 32" UHD Asus monitor (or some TV screen?) maybe on top of the current ones, or to remove one of those I have. Maybe 2 new 4K monitors next to each other will be the best (I always work on 2), but to put the cash mainly in monitors first is not the best.


      I do not look first at changing mainboard, processor, and a faster RAM first. This I do not know if will give a big change if I continue using the above disks and videocards.


      *I have no budget. I can add some upgrades one by one now and each month after depending on my revenues.


      Please let me know your suggestions or anything else you may add according the above situation.