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    Text noise/shadow




      I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer.


      How do i save an image with text and stop this shadow appearing? I'm using PS5





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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          It looks like this text has been saved in a compressed image format. Zooming in you can see various artifacts around the letters.



          You have some choices :

          1. (Least effective) Adjust the image using curves


          2. (Effective but time consuming ) Retype the text on a new text layer


          3. (Most effective and not time consuming) If you have access to Acrobat DC - open the image in Acrobat and Edit PDF. Use Optical character recognition to read and replace the image text with real text. You do have to read through it though _ OCR originally recognised "are" as "ore"







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            mrdevro Level 1

            Thank you Dave.


            Your answer made me think.


            This is text saved as PNG rather than an image imported into PS. What you see is the Linkedin version of the image but the actual PNG doesn't suffer this issue. Could it be that Linkedin  is compressing and causing this problem?

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              If not there in the original then it looks like there are artifacts being introduced somewhere along the chain. Whether they are from compression, resizing, or both I do not know.

              A pixel format like jpeg, png or bitmap designed for images is not ideal for crisp text. Can you use an alternative?


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                mrdevro Level 1

                I'm creating images for social media shares, I can use anything that gives me the result. What would you suggest?