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    What's in a Captivate 3 Template?

      Our team created a template in Captivate 3. Our intention was that Helvetica would be the default font for recording. When some of my colleagues opened the template Helvetica is the default font, when I open and record Arial is the default font even though I have Helvetica properly installed in my fonts folder.

      I tried an experiment. My intent was to transfer my knowledge from my experiment to the problem at hand. So bear with me. This approach to problem solving is a bit convoluted.

      I set Arial Baltic as my default font in Captivate Preferences. I then attempted to record. Bizarrely Arial not Arial Baltic was resulting font. When I clicked on the font to look at it after recording Arial Baltic wasn’t there, no indeed it was Arial – just plain Arial. Now mind you I had gone into Preferences and set Arial Baltic as the recording font for the project. And I went back into Captivate Preferences Recording and looked there it was staring me in the face - Arial Baltic – the default font.

      I performed this little experiment because I wondered about font substitution and what might be happening with that. I suspected that Captivate 3 performs font substitution when it cannot find a matching font. But then I wondered why Arial Baltic was available at all if Captivate if one could not record using Arial Baltic. I thought the same logic would transfer to my Helvetica problem.

      I went into Preferences Recording Default and changed all the fonts to Helvetica. Magically the Captivate template would record in Helvetica. But then I wondered why have a template at all if you couldn’t make the fonts specific to your project by using the template. What I found astounding is that if you go into the Recording preferences the Preferences actually appear to be non-specific to the template – they appear in fact to be Adobe Captivate 3’s preferences, not preferences specific to the project – even thought “Project” is the section of the preferences you are taken to and fill in.

      What gives? Any ideas?:frown;
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          Has anyone answered this question completely? I'm running into similar issues. What exactly does a Captivate template include?

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            Hi there


            I'm going to answer for Captivate 3 here. Captivate 4 brings new functionality with Templates.


            Basically any project may become a template. You simply click File > Save As and save the project as a template. The primary objective of using a template is consistency. For example, let's say you wish to record a series of Captivate videos showing the user how to do different things using Windows Notepad. Beforehand, you know you are going to create several movies. You also know that you would like to have a standard look and feel to them. Perhaps you always start off with a specific title slide to announce what the movie is about. Perhaps you also always have a second slide that presents navigation instructions. And, of course you always want a conclusion and closing slide. Maybe you have a specific Skin that uses a specific playback control. You also don't wish to use a Preloader and you want to change how the movie starts and ends.


            All of this may be configured in a Template. You then use the Template when you create new projects. The dimensions are pre-determined by the template. You record your actions and just sort of "fill in" the middle of the Template.


            Note that one of the issues cited in the original post (OP) was a certain expectation that by setting the Caption styles and fonts in the template, you are setting them for the recording process. But if you read it carefully, the OP reveals that this isn't the case. During the recording process what ends up in the project is the choice made for your individual installation of Captivate.


            As many folks seem to expect the Template to also govern the captions used when recording a Demonstration, it would make sense to see that built into the product. So please take a moment to suggest it to the Development Team using the Wish Form. (Link is in my sig line)


            Cheers... Rick



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              Thanks so much for your quick answer. Like the original post, I was expecting that my recording options and other Preferences would be saved with the template. One of the major timesavers would be to set my defaults for captions, fonts, etc. I'll definitely enter a Wish List item for this.