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    3D Tracker Camera removing Trapcode Form effect

    kabbott622 Level 1

      I am currently new to trapcode and was just following along a tutorial on youtube with doing an effect.  Long story short, attempting to do the freeze rain effect as seen in Now You See Me 2. 


      I follow every step precisely.  There is just one thing I can't figure out. I did a 3D track and then created a 3D tracker camera from a point and created a new solid and precompose them.  I applied the trapcode form effect to the shape layer but the effect and changes I make to the effect aren't visible when the 3D Tracker Camera is visible.  Once I turn the camera off however, I can see the trapcode form effect and the changes I have made but it doesn't have any 3D tracking. Screen shots of what is going on is below.


      3D Tracker Camera on:

      3D Camera On.jpeg

      3D Camera On Main.jpeg

      3D Camera Tracker Off:

      3D Camera Off.jpeg

      3D Camera Off Main.jpeg


      Here is the link for the youtube video that I watched:: After Effects Tutorial: Raindrops Freeze Time (Advanced) Trapcode Form - Now You See Me 2 - YouTube

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!