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    Can't get my Wacom Intuos Draw to work with photoshop at all


      Today I got full creative cloud, as before I used Krita for digital drawing.  However once I installed photoshop CC I found that the pressure sensitivity and the express keys on the tablet dont work with Photoshop.  I have also installed Illustrator and Lightroom, both of which work fully with my tablet but photoshop doesnt work. 


      I have found that anything I do in the wacom properties Window has no effect on Photoshop, for example,  if I change from Mouse mode to Pen mode in the Wacom Properties software, nothing changes in Photoshop, also if I change any of the express keys they dont do anything either.  It appears that photoshop is not detecting any changes I make, and just taking the wacom input as mouse input even though I am changing the mode from mouse to pen in the software and also when I select to only use monitor one in photoshop, it still allows me to use both displays again showing that photoshop is not detecting anything from the wacom softare.


      I have tried...


      Reinstalling Photoshop 2017 and also reverting through all the 2015 and 2014 versions of the software and still nothing.


      I have checked the button towards the top of photoshop enabling touch sensivity and tried to do so in the brush menu, but there is a little triangular caution symbol.


      This morning I updated my wacom drivers so is it likley that this could be the problem, even though I had the problem before updating the driver and still the tablet did not work properly in photoshop.


      I have also tried to do the UserConfig file method with again doesnt work.


      I literally dont know what to do, the tablet works fine in all other programs and the touch sensivity works in other programs such as Krita, 


      I have tried with Windows Ink checked and unchecked, and changed the hold to right click settings in the windows control pannel and still nothing. 




      If anyone could help me that would be great!