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    Using variables, logical &&, if/else and radio button components

    graylensman Level 1
      Okay, I have completely hit a wall. Here's what I'm after. I have two sets of radio buttons, each of which controls what loaded swf appears on stage. Then, depending on which button is clicked in group one and which button is clicked in group two, a third swf appears. This also needs to change according to user interaction.

      I can access the value of each radio button, and I'm passing it into a variable (I think - the trace command works) but when I drop it all together into an if/else statement, no data is passed.

      At first I had my if/else statements in a function, and that didn't work. I am so stuck. Good thing I'm bald or I'd have pulled all my hair out.

      thanks in advance for any and all help! Any help would be greatly appreciated.