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    Tip: Showing all your connections in Adobe XD in a screenshot


      I read the amazing story of how Smartly and CapGemini launched their app in 6 weeks using AdobeXD.

      There was a screeshot of Adobe XD with all the wires connecting the artboards. I wanted one for my design.


      I have 17 artboards, initially I thought I would have to select each one in prototype mode individually and then layer them in Photoshop...

      then realised I should try selecting all (Ctrl A)

      ...AND IT WORKED !


      So if you want to show all your connecting lines (indicating the amount of effort you've put in) just press CTRL A and zoom out.

      Then take a screenshot and voila !

      I really like how effortless XD is !


      Hope this helps anyone else tweeting/blogging/ producing XD vids


      Best wishes