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    Color shifting


      Hi, I am pretty new to Photoshop just wondering if there is a tool that allows you to change the color of a complex area to different shades of another color.

      Let's give an example:

      I have the image of a tree with green leaves and a variety of green shades.

      Now how can I, for example, make the leaves become red with the same shades as well, ....or even blue...is it clear enough?

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          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

          One one would be to use Hue/Saturation panel. Choose Greens from the drop down list and then move the Hue slider to change colors. If the full range of greens doesn't change, you may need to add or delete colors using the add and delete eyedropper tools in the panel.

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            norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Barbara's suggestion will be a great help. And if you want to experiment a bit, change the Mode to Lab Color and with a simple flip of just one channel -- the a channel -- you may change a Spring Morning image to an afternoon Autumn version using Curves. Then switch back to RGB.



            And if it is green-to-saturated red is what you are after, move the curve similar to the one shown below:

            redd comp .jpg

            (EDIT) You also mentioned blue. Here are the Curves for a change in both the  a  channel and the  b channel.

            blue comp.jpg

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