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    CSS 3 activation failure

    FunkyMac Level 1

      In 2007 I purchased a full license for CSS 3 Design Premium. Over the years I've had to re-install three times due to Mac maintenance. The last time was a real hassle because of several date dependent update packages and what not.


      Last week my trusty MacBook Pro 2007 died. Not borne yesterday, I had a complete clone of my HD. Bought an used MacBook Pro 13" 2009 and just transferred the clone to the HD of the new MBP. One would think that all was set, but no.


      Starting one of the CSS 3 apps I was greeted with a message about activation failure. OK, so let's re-activate then. Nope, wrong again. It seems I can't.


      Am I missing something here? Last time I checked my Adobe account, I'm certain my CSS 3 package was listed there, with full license key and registration date.


      Somebody please help. Anybody!