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    Adobe Acrobat professional 8 - repetitive error message re missing plug-in and now printing blank pages


      I have Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 loaded onto a Windows 7 (64) computer. it was working fine until earlier this year, when I started getting first a Windows alert did I want to allow this program, then an Adobe error message: "Acrobat PDF Browser Plus-in is missing. Please reinstall Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to fix this problem." There have been no updates, plus I think I did try to re=install, but not sure since this is "professional."


      Anyway, recently having problems with my HP printer and had to reinstall that software..... Now, I can print from Adobe acrobat professional, Microsoft Word and internet and Gmail on Chrome, but when I try to print from Acrobat prof from IE10, I get an Adoble error message "unable to start print job. Is Printer available?" When I hit YES, printer prints a blank page.


      HELP and THANX!