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    After PC MOBO replacement Premiere loads but will not function


      After replacing a failed motherboard premiere will load but will not function. Load a previous incomplete project and it wont playback and is super slow. Tried with a new project and its doing the same thing. Any suggestions? Also, wont close without a not responding error and a force close.


      Have removed Premiere and reinstalled. Same problem.


      Have bench marked and stress tested the computer, all works great on that end.


      PC specs:

      Intel I7 6600K

      Corsair DDR4 2133  16G (2 sticks)

      (New) ASUS H250B ROG MOBO (old) ASRock Z170 Pro 4 MOBO

      NVIDIA 1050TI GPU


      Ran Premiere well enough before the failed mother board.


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