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    Flex on Linux: Serial problems

      Hi there,
      I've changed from Windows to Linux lately and tried to work with Eclipse and Adobe's Flex Plugin.
      First of all it's great to have an opportunity to work with Flex on a Linux system, and as well I think it's a good idea, because there are many skilled developers working on Linux, that may be missed otherwise.
      Now after installing the product everything went smoothly and i was able to compile AS3 to SWF-files. But after using Flex some days I noticed the info in the bottom left corner that told me my serial would only be useable for some 100 days, so I tried registering Flex with my Windows serial.
      Unfortunately this did only reduce the amount of time left from 100 to ~3 days. These days are over now and I'd like to continue developing in Eclipse.
      Is there a way I can bring Flex to give me back those 100 days? I think it's not Adobe's intention to scare off users, who bought (!) a copy of this software.
      Please help me,