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    Create field driven calculation with exponents


      I'm very, very new to JS: I want 2 fields in a PDF (Calc B & C) to auto-populate with calculated data based on another (Input A), or remain blank if there isn't any value.


      My problem:

      Input A = 10

      Calc B = ((("Input A" * 1000)^(2/3))*10.1)/10000

      Calc C = ((("Input A")^0.75) * 70) + 30


      I've tried so many combinations of calculations and it either doesn't do anything or give me any number of syntax errors


      I though that the entire field entered as:


      ((Math.pow(this.getField("Input A").value*1000, (2/3)))*10.1)/10000


      would work but it doesn't do anything! Please help! Is there a way to create an empty "Calc B" if "Input A" is empty?


      Thanks in advance!