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    Photoshop Refusing to Save


      So this has happened two days in a row now for two important projects. Both projects are 16"x21" at 300dpi. The first was reaching nearly 1000MB in file size, the second is currently sitting at about 350MB. Now I was saving throughout my project to ensure I would be safe in case anything happened. I also happened to save my final versions as PNG files.


      Both projects were refusing to save, stalled at 0% for who knows how long. After 10 or so minutes I would Cancel the save with either the command+period keys or I would hit the X. When I did that it would destroy the original save file. For my first project, after a few times the file just crashed Photoshop and it's gone forever. It wasn't in AutoRecovery Or any other recovery folders.


      As as I was typing this, my second file actually went through after waiting about 20 munutes,  perhaps I just need patience. But it's frustrating to see the progress not even move past 0 until 20 minutes have passed and all of a sudden it zooms up. Is there anything I can do in the future to prevent Photoshop crashes and exediate this saving process? I am on a 2015 MacBook Air with 121 GB of storage, with about 30GB of free space.


      Thanks in advance!