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    closing of stand alone programs by CC


      I recently had to call support for a crashing issue with my Adobe acrobat DC. When I downloaded the install program I must have also downloaded the CC. The CC was installed and I saw that there was an update available for the Adobe. The CC had me install what I thought was the update but was really the trial version of Acrobat. I received a trial ended window and told me to purchase it. Adobe support took control of my screen and uninstalled CC and tolled me that it was the issue.The trial version was also uninstalled at that time. The uninstall fixed the problem.


      My question is, Since I need Illustrator and Adobe doesn't sell the stand alone programs anymore, will I have the same issues with CC? With any of the CC based programs, I must install the CC program. If I install the CC program, my Adobe acrobat DC and Livecycle will crash. So I am at an impasse.


      Has Adobe addressed this issue with the CC and stand alone program issues?


      Case Number: 0189326667


      Windows 7 Professional SP1

      Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Ver 2015.006.30355

      Adobe Livecycle Ver