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    startDrag bounds parameter gets truncated and/or rounded

      This one is very frustrating. I have determined that the bounds parameter passed to startDrag is being truncated and/or rounded. Not exactly sure where the truncating and/or rounding is happening. It is very apparent with large scaleX and scaleY values. I have a sample that illustrates this, create a one file project and copy/past it in. Both images should be constrained inside of the red square, the top left point of the images constrained to the green square in each. However, it appears that the left constraint snaps to the top left of the canvas. I am doing something where people can use arbitrary sizes, so if people use small numbers to make the math easy, I end up with horrible drag functionality. I guess I could refrain from using the scaleX and scaleY values, but that is what they are supposed to do.