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    setting up a video database, possible?

      I'm in the process of doing dome research for an idea that I have and I was wondering if I could get some insight as to whether Director would be the tool to help realize this idea. What I would like to setup is a program that would connect 3 to 5 separate QT video sequences and play them seamlessly as a finished video. Everytime the video plays I would like those 3 to 5 sequences to be played in random order, or selected based on metadata that I attribute to each sequence.

      I'm worried that Director would not be able to build smooth edits between the clips. What if I had 25 sequences for example? Could it handle it?

      Thanks for the insight.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Director doesn't play video files. It provides an interface to any of a number of video players through xtras. When you program Director to play, stop, etc, you are creating a set of commands that will then be sent to the actual video player. How well or poorly Director is able to pick up, import and begin to play any one file after another file has played will depend on the player, the computer, the video card, the available memory, the throughput of the bus that the storage device that holds the video is sitting on, and a few other variables.

          It just might work.
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            Brian Stew Level 2
            Director can do this easily, or just as well as any other app.
            The challenge will always be to avoid any 'blink' between videos. There are so many variables at play here, it's not possible to make one receipe thay will solve any situation, and not least: do not make this a problem even before it has materialized; you might be lucky and avoid it at first attempt.
            That said, among the numerous cheats that can be done to make a perfectly smooth transition between videos is to fake the random choices and connect the videos in your editing app instead. If your (the user's) choices are to connect video A B and C in different ways, the combinations available are A B C, A C B, B A C, B C A, C A B and C B A. This is six videos. It just could be the better option to actually make these video combinations finished in your editing app, and then choose the correctly assembled video in Director instead. This will be much more video material for your app, but it could be the better choice still. Just one tip - as mentioned there are numerous ways to accomplish this in Director.