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    PhoneGap Build - Push Notifications

    lucas_alima Level 1

      Hello folks,


      I'm getting no success to develop push notifications on my application. I've tried everything for a week by now and getting crazy because of this.


      I'm using the last version of PhoneGap and the last version of the plugins that I've tried:

      - cordova-plugin-firebase

      - phonegap-plugin-push


      Someone have a tutorial that works with Firebase so I can follow?


      I came to an point that if I can't apply this function to my application, probably I'll give up of using PhoneGap.



      When I use the plugin "phonegap-plugin-push" it works locally. I could send notifications on my application using the Command Prompt (using this tutorial). But I wasn't succeed when I try to send a notification by the Google Firebase console.


      Please I need some help!


      Thank you guys so much.