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    Duplicate FlexSession with multiple servers after upgrade to CF 2016


      I upgraded from CF 9 and kept my session settings the same: J2EE session, in memory, 20 minute timeout, etc...


      When I have a second server in my load balancer under the same domain, I constantly get the following error from a remote call from flex.


      [RPC Fault faultString="Duplicate HTTP-based FlexSession error: A request for FlexClient '4367D6EF-970F-FD8A-7A93-DE6404812784' arrived over a new FlexSession 'BFD1464D0CB75194AA9BB6C3782986D2.cfusion', but FlexClient is already associated with  FlexSession '69A6912963789EC611F9037205FD70C4.cfusion', therefore it cannot be associated with the new session." faultCode="Server.Processing.DuplicateSessionDetected" faultDetail="null"]


      I've tried a lot of experimenting to see if there's something on the flex side or some new CF thing but I can't really determine.


      With this problem, I can't have more than one server in the pool at the same time; and I really need to.