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    Android device for testing hybrid PhoneGap app - basic requirements?

    kathrynp525648 Level 1

      I have built a hybrid PhoneGap app and released it for iOS. I need to test it for Android and I do not want to use an emulator. I have some questions about a device choice as I have very little experience with Android phones - I have never owned one.


      From my research it looks like I should be looking at a Nexus phone. I would like to get something used and cheaper since this is all I will be using it for. I am confused about the very basic requirements I should be looking for to make this work. I don't understand whether it needs to be on a carrier or what I need to know about locked/unlocked and SIM cards.


      1. Do I have to activate a device with my carrier? All I want to do is to install my app and test it over my home wifi network.

      2. If I do not have to activate it, will I still be able to receive OS updates on the phone, or are they pushed through the carrier?

      3. Does the device being locked or unlocked matter if I don't have to activate it?

      4. Does the device having a SIM card or not matter?


      I apologize if these are really basic questions. I have read through a lot of articles about this and just can't seem to understand what I need for the very basics. The app is already built. I just want to run in on an actual Android device and make sure things like the config.xml settings are working right.


      Thank you!