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    Start Flash Muted ~ Have Skin with Unmute button

      Hi All,

      I'm a realy Flash noob and hope this is simple. I have an AVI that I've converted to Flash using Flash Video Encoder CS3. I then dragged the FLV file into Flash CS3 and published the SWF.

      The video starts when the web page loads. I want to start the video muted. How would I do this?

      I am also hoping to find a skin that would allow me one button ~ to allow users to unmute the audio if they desire.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          sw2gtg Level 1
          If I understand your question, the answer is quite simple. Select the flv file in Flash and change the skin in the Parameters window. Depending on the skin you select, you may have the option of having the movie begin muted with a volume button.

          Good luck and hang in there. The more I learn Flash the more I love life itself. But then again, I'm a complete doofus.