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    Freezing in working process, only alt+tab helps


      PS freezes while i'm workin, and unfreeze it can only alt+tab.

      When i'm working on my laptop in PS soon it's start freezing, and have no reactions at all. But as soon as i press alt+tab it's unfreeze instantly.


      Freezes instantly in the following situations: when working with large brushes, lasso, ctrl + z, resizing the window with brushes.


      Tried to cure: Reinstalling Windows with formatting, different versions of Photoshop (2014-2017). Installing Windows on SSD and HDD, installing photoshop on SSD and HDD. Scanned for viruses - clean. Launched the test of the operative standard prog - without errors. Launched from two video cards integrated and discrete. The problem remains.


      Laptop DEXP

      intel core i7 4710-MQ 2,50Ghz

      Intel hd 4600

      Nvidia geforce 940m

      HDD HTS545050A7E680

      SSD Adata sp310 128gb

      RAM noname 8gb

      win 10

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Romkavp ,


          Thanks for the detailed post. Have you checked for an update of your GPU driver on Nvidia's website?

          Most of the times GPU drivers and third party plugins do make apps unresponsive, Have you tried resetting Photoshop preferences to default Preferences in Photoshop and check if the problem persists?




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            Hi Akash. I have the same problem. both with a asus g550Jk, nvidia gtx850m, 16 RAM, HD 7200 rpm (2014) and a brand new Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16, i5, nvidia quadro M600m, both fresh installs of windows 10


            it happens more frequently with the latest versions of photoshop. 2017 being the worst offender, 2015.5 is the one I use more often due to the UHD support and hand gestures, and 2014 the more stable, but less usable on the tablet.


            deactivated antivirus, running the latest drivers, reset Photoshop preferences as you said, and the problem persists. it's really annoying having to alt-tab every few inputs....


            thanks for any suggestion

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              Romkavp Level 1

              Turning off handwriting windows service will helps.

              Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\services  then find "touch keyboard and handwriting service" properties - startup type - disabled.