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    How to remove a book that is always redownloaded automatically?



      I have a question.

      I downloaded Adobe Digital Edition 4.5.6, created an ID and then I authorized my computer.

      I have some 60 e-books that I bought and I was managing them without any problem, downloading in Adobe and then removing one or more of the e-books if I want to reorganize my library.

      The program Adobe Digital Editions was working softly with me. Yesterday suddenly the program stopped allowing me to remove books.

      Precisely it accepts and removes any or all of the last 12 books that are still there, but once I exit and reopen the program, it recovers all these 12 books once more.

      It doesn't allow me to remove any of them (i.e. Just it allows me to remove one or more of the books but they are downloaded automatically again).

      I imagine that these books might for some reason - that I don't know -  have become what is called synced books. I just want to remove these twelve books and start the whole process once more, but every time I even uninstall the Adobe Digital Edition or erase the authorization and then reauthorize my computer, the 12 e-books that I want to remove are there again.

      Before, just a right-click and and a click on remove from library were more than enough to delete a book from my library.

      What has changed?