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    Multi Core support for Premiere Pro

    jacobp40036651 Level 1

      Premiere Pro cannot support performance gains for more than 14 cores...

      I'd like there to be noticeable improvement in performance of live playback, warp stabilizer and exporting WITH higher core counts. Currently, it is obvious that Premiere Pro cannot use any more than 14 cores. It is currently maxing out performance at 14 cores. See the link below for real results:


      https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Premiere-Pro-CC-2017-1-2-CPU-Performance-Core-i 9-7940X-7960X-7980XE-1034/

      When your running a full time media production business, time is more valuable than money. We can afford to dump money on well above 18 core cpu's(with overclocking) if Intel gave us the opportunity too. If Premiere Pro cannot supply performance gains with more raw computing power at its fingertips, then your heaviest users start looking into FCPX, Davinci resolve and other editing platforms. Premiere Pro's performance efficiency with higher core counts is the biggest crutch to volume media production company's. Cpu manufacturer's have done their part to ensure high core count performance is available. Which editing software will be first to support them? Premiere Pro? FCPX? Davinci Resolve?


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