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    Music sluggish or just plain distorted on After Effects - Need Help

    melort@13 Level 1



      So I'm trying to make a 45 sec kinetic type movie and whenever I play my music it plays sluggish and distorted. How can I fix this?


      What I've tried:
      - Cutting the song to the part I want, to reduce the file size (didn't work)

      - Tried .wav .aiff quicktime .mp4 formats for the song (didn't work)

      - Purged (didn't work)
      - Messed with the preferences in AE (like increasing the GPU and lowering memory)


      When I double click the song and it opens next to the composition it sounds prefect, but once I go back to the main composition it is sluggish.


      Please any advice would be great.


      I have a pc and AE CC 2017.