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    LR Mobile always crashes during editing (Android)


      I am so frustrated and disappointed with LR mobile. I use it on my Oneplus 2 (android 7.1) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (android 7.0) and it will crash 100% of the time when editing a photo for more than a few minutes. After I have added a few adjustment layers and done a few edits, it will just hang and not respond to any touches. Then it will show the message "Lightroom has stopped working, do you want to wait or restart". Waiting causes it to fully close.


      This happens on multiple devices. It isn't triggered by any particular set of actions, just seems to happen after editing for a few minutes.


      Please can you suggest solutions?


      I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting the device, signing out and then re-signing in, and doing a factory reset on my phone.