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    Photoshop CC can't save file as PDF due to disk error

    heleng2 Level 1

      Hello! I have searched for an answer to this, but been unsuccessful.


      I am using Photoshop CC 2017. When I try to save a file as a Photoshop PDF (File>Save As), the response I get is as follows:


      Could not save as “FileName.pdf” because of a disk error.


      Note: It says DISK error, not program error. I've seen plenty of posts regarding program errors and have tried those solutions in hopes it will help, but has not.


      This is a NEW error. I have been saving files as PDFs with no issue until two weeks ago. I cannot remember if I have saved files as PDFs since upgrading to Photoshop CC 2017... prior to this, I was using Photoshop CC 2015.5


      I have done the following to try to solve this issue without success:

      1. Try different files

      2. Try saving TO different locations (hard drive, desktop, external hard drive)

      3. Try saving files FROM different locations

      4. Ensure there's plenty of room on computer (145 GB avail) & external hard drive (2.85 TB avail)

      5. Preferences > File Handling > Deselect "Save in Background"

      6. Re-starting Photoshop CC 2017

      7. Re-starting the computer (MacBook running OS Sierra 10.12.6)

      8. Upon re-starting Photoshop, select Cmd-Option-Shift

      9. Search for font errors - one identified and deleted

      10. Ensure programs are all up-to-date


      What am I missing? Any help would be very much appreciated.


      Many thanks, in advance!