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    Adobe Acrobat DC Pro Not able to print PDFs at random intervals

    illustrator box corners Level 1

      Hello there, I am currently facing a very strange problem where that a client is unable to print PDFs from Adobe Acrobat DC.


      1. The client opens a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat DC pro

      2. They press ctrl + p (Basically print)

      3. Select the printer from the list availble

      4. Hits print and then nothing spools or even appears to print


      One solution is that I have to run a repair installation and the problem is fixed but just returns without any warning and any random time.


      We even have Adobe Reader installed which works fine.


      Has anyone else had this problem before? It would be worth while knowing that the computer is managed on a network with RM.


      We have contacted Adobe about this before but the repair task which they provided did not prove effective.


      Thank you for reading, if you have an answer and have time to spare, please let me know.