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    Can't install on my i7 Surface Pro 2017 due to my graphics all of a sudden, what gives?


      As the title says, I bought a i7 Surface Pro 2017 when they debuted a few months ago and have been using XD to design apps on it.  Today, upon opening XD, I was greeted with a message telling me I need to update my app in order to use it.  Jumping over to CC and attempting to update prompted a message showing this:




      Uninstalling and attempting to reinstall effectively locked me out of the app...


      My i7 SP2017 has Intel Iris Graphics 640 in it, which has been more than enough to run XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator all simultaneously.  I don't understand why I am being locked out of this product due to my configuration now, even though I have no issues running the other software, and had no issues with XD in the past.


      The Adobe rep I talked to told me to install a new graphics card, which is probably among the worst advice someone has been paid to give me...please help.