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    Small Font Size in Menu and Options Bar - running Windows 10 Pro 64bit


      I am running Windows 10 Pro/64 bit, Dell XPS and using Dell U2412M Monitor set at recommended 1900x1200 resolution.

      In PS Photography Plan 2017, the Menu Bar/Options Bar and toolbar are very small, difficult to see.  This is only in Adobe suite, Google, MS Office all just fine.

      Attempting to reset via Edit/Preferences/interface provides Auto-100 -200.    200 percent runs the items completely beyond limits of screen, 100 percent does not show a change.


      Adobe Support told me to contact Microsoft/Windows which I did.  Microsoft said " since all other programs are operating correctly - this must be a problem inherent to Adobe Photoshop.


      Changing monitor resolution only changes the view of all programs, does not fix my issue.


      Anyone have the fix?