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    Adobe Animate - importing sound / using scenes




      I'm trying to make a multiple scene animation in Adobe Animate and I'm running into a couple of problems:

      1. I can create multiple scenes if I start with an Action Script 3 file, but I can't import any of the sound files directly to the AS3 file.

      2. I can import various sound files if I start with an HTML5 file, but I can't create additional scenes in this format.


      The workaround seems to be that if I start an HTML5 file and pull in sound files there, I can then use them in my AS3 file, though this is obviously not what I want to do.


      By the way, I have checked and I am attempting to use both Wav and MP3 files that have a sample rate of 44.100. To me though it doesn't make sense that they will import into the HTML5 Animate file but not the AS3. I'm sure there's something I'm overlooking though.