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    Illustrator CC 2017 breaks on BridgeTalk script execution

    Anurag Mendhekar Level 1

      The following piece of code was functioning wonderfully until illustrator CC 2017. This function is a trampoline for us to invoke scripts from an ExtendScript UI, which are passed as a string into the function.


      function BTExecuteScript(jsscript){

          // create a BridgeTalk message for Illustrator to execute jssscript.

          var btMessage = new BridgeTalk;

          btMessage.target = illustrator.targetName;

          btMessage.body =  jsscript;

          btMessage.onResult = function(bto) {BridgeTalk.bringToFront(bto.sender);};

          btMessage.onError = function(errorMsgObject) { // error handler defined here

              alert("Error: "+errorMsgObject.body);





      Since upgrading to CC 2017, however, we get the  following error:


      Any help will be much appreciated!