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    How to design interactive ebook for Android technology based devices

    Sumeet Gupta

      Hi Everyone

      Greetings of the day


      I am working on a project of making ebooks. I have few queries:


      1. How to make an interactive ebook with animations, multiple object images, videos, buttons etc which works well on Android Tablets, Android Phones, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone and also laptops.


      Recently I designed an ebook with the interactivity as mentioned above, it plays well on Apple iPad and iPhone, but when I downloaded it to OnePlus 5 which is Android base, the interactivity is not functioning at all. The pages are looking like pdf pages.


      Please advise what can be done to make ebook interactive for Android technology based devices.


      2. After making the ebook in Adobe Indesign CC, at the time of exporting the file and saving as fixed epub layout, in the Viewing App dialogue box there is only option of Apple iPad for viewing purpose. Why Adobe is not providing Android Base device option to view the book in Indesign CC.


      Same is the case in all the videos of Terry White, an Adobe evangelist, he is only displaying the end product on Apple iPad and never use any Android-based mediums.


      Is it because Adobe only supports Apple technology and it is not workable with Android-based devices. Please clarify.